On this webpage you will find the questions that we are asked regularly. For any other questions, do not hesitate to Contact Us.



Q— Who are the services offered for and how does the pricing work?       
A— Our services are offered to individuals as well as architects. Whether it’s for a renovation, your new home building project or presentation, or pre-sale architectural projects! We have a variety of services that will meet your needs. Pricing will be a fixed price for any project undertaken. After defining the project and the required services. The cost of the work will be provided automatically and the approval of the client is required before commencing the said work. No additional costs will be added for any tasks pre-ordered by the customer.


Q— What needs to be provided to achieve 3D images or video of the project?         
A— We can make a 3D rendering of many things. In most cases, a plan should be submitted in PDF or CAD format with a description of the coating materials that will be used for the project if desired. But it will also be possible to provide us with simple hand-drawn drawings or from photos of buildings for renovation projects.

Q— In what format will the 3D images produced be provided to me?     
A— All 3D images or other products will be delivered in the dimensions and formats required for the needs of each of our customers. In general, the main file formats used will be JPEG or PDF which will be compliant for standard prints or for large formats (site sign)

Q— What is the service delivery time.       
A— In general, the delivery time of the services will be determined automatically by the customer’s choice on the services page.

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